Sunday, October 11, 2009

we hiked Kraynaks

it was a beautiful autumn Saturday with friends...
jumpin' in puddles...ALMOST...


see her?cookie cutter"land"

dollhouse miniatures...(we got kicked out of this store...sort of...well, if the "look" had words...) do NOT touch ANYthing.

tiny little cakes


CJ and CJ...the older"est" kids
leaning trees

My all-time favorite moment of the day was...lost in the most ridiculous Christmas land "shoppe" (otherwise known as Kraynaks) with H. She was starting to "melt"...if you know what I mean...when all of a sudden we entered...North Pole LAND?!...she was mesmerized. Animated EVERYthing Christmasy. (from Clifford and the Grinch...Abby and Zoe...Elmo was frosting sugar Jesus and the whole nativity thing)... And it went on forever. Then we entered an area in which you could purchase everyTHING holidayish that you had just seen. It was neverending and OVERwhelming...TOO MUCH stuff...we did get "lost"...but we were happy. There was more to this place. I mean like all stuff gardening...oh and every old time and new time toy a child could every want, wish for, or not even know they want.

we ate at...

what was that place called? with all the old cars hanging upside down over our heads? Quaker Steak and Lube. By this time my battery was long gone. No pictures. Lots of spicy chicken wings.


  1. Did you use your new camera? Great pictures and it looked like a great day! You sure have some special places to go with your family and friends!

  2. Got ya that delicious honey because it reminded me of you. Nice and Sweet :)