Saturday, November 14, 2009

photographer's perspective on "light" and "life"
the link is supposedly above so you can check out this amazing testimony. Thursday evening we attended the yearly Life Choices Banquet. My thoughts were filled with pretty much everything except what the evening would entail. You know, we had "committed" to go and were "following" through. Always blessed at these things. Always. I forgot. I don't even know what to say. Michael Clancy shared his testimony. How God found him. Turned his hatred toward those who harmed him into "pity". Saved him...gave him hope...the BIGgest break in photography. Go read his story. :). The things that impacted me...
he gave credit to God for allowing him to capture this "famous" and highly controversial moment...once again God's "light" (in the form of photography) reveals "life". literally. and...most of the surgeon/dr's/nurses who were present and had physical "sight" did not in actuality "see" at all. DARKness. Darkness to those with great illumination in the realm of medical KNOWledge. I could go on and on how it might make the tiniest bit more sense if the people denying that a baby is "life" in utero were natives in some far of uncivilized hidden part of the world (w/out cable). NO. They know. They see life. AND DENY it. Highest deception. It's so much easier to see the foolish "fault" in others. I guess any one of us can be "blinded" toward the darkness in our own heart. God is the ONLY one who can shine His very own LIGHT into our thoughts...feelings...and give us LIFE.
Take the time to visit the sight. You will be blessed. Encouraged.

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