Sunday, March 27, 2011

here a clip...there a barrette....everywhere a trail of hair clippie's ☺

this is quite random in the course of important things in life.
thanks to these stick on things
(my husband prefers that I use something of this nature
rather than the hot glue gun...yes. I did.)
a white (what are they called?) towel hanger
that i got more than 5 years ago
while we still lived in Florida
at our local super SUPER Target ☺
(yes, all details necessary!)
one long piece of scrap ribbon
we "stuck" this
on the back of the closet door

and so far...
it has worked as a quick and easy way to keep track of hair clips.

What to do about the headbands?
(because you really can't hang more than one on this)
Do any of you have a creative and (easy) solution
for "storing" headbands?
comment away
and if we (little girls included) find an idea that will work
we would like to post it for all to see!

1 comment:

  1. funny enough I use big piggy banks that I bought from Target :)Target sells so many of them and they go on clearance all the time so I can swap them out. It's easy to putt away and easy to see :) Maybe I will post a pick on my blog :)