Monday, April 18, 2011

check out this fun devo!

I was so excited to recieve this this mother and daughter devo to review!  This well thought out one year devotional guid is lovingly written by Dannah Gresh (here is more information on pure freedom ministries). 
Each devotional opens with a Bible Blast which is an optional opportunity for digging deeper in the Word.  Language Lab's are scattered throughout.  This weekend we were talking about why we sing "hallelujah".
 The first Language Lab very gives a very clear and helpful explanation...

"Hallelujah is like "Wa-Hooooooo!" But you use hallelujah to express your excitement and love for God.  You can think of it as a special word reserved just for telling your Creator how awesome He is.  Hallelujah means "to be bright, to shine." It has to do with radiance."

On the side of the devotional there is a little section called Girl Gab, which is an opportunity for practical application.

"Do you know someone who lives a Hallelujah life -
a life that glows with praising God in every circumstance?"

at the end of the book is a "Kickin' Kraft" section. ☺

This devotional is recommended for "tweens".  Wisdom says that parents should talk to children and prepare them before life and experience arrive.  I am looking forward to going through this with my nine year old and discussing present life as well as issues that may be coming!  We are blessed to have a resource such as this.

check out the fun interactive secret keeper site!

The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo

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