Saturday, May 28, 2011

final "learning" of the year ☺

it was a rainy day...
at the number one
voted "best"

for "them" in their woollen socks
in their wool pants
with heavy coats
standing by their "civil" fire
well, I was glad the sun was not too hot

 so tired this rainy "field" day
not even the entire McD's coffee was of assist...
the sun did try to appear a time or two
and shared enough heat for the kids to enjoy
the new WOWABUNGA waves.
(most of the "great" not pictured)
it is agreed that this is a fun kids (ten and below) park...
although I had to continually remind self
this very wet day before June
(which did not share full hospitality)
...grass and flowers not quite growing
roller rides "not open for the day" ?
still, the sign was mostly right
and the kids had a "best" time...
...and didn't even realize we forgot the Mr. Rogers (of old sentiment) trolley ride
and the little favorite airplanes.


  1. I'm very glad you "landed" on my blog, too! I've added you to my reading list. =)

  2. Glad you are able to go on the girls' field trips. Woh! I wouldn't mind having some the places like you visited this year nearby so I could take my first graders or accompany my grand daughters! Your pictures are so descriptive!