Tuesday, May 3, 2011

these are a few of my...favorite and possibly blurry moments captured ☺

getting autographs
after the play ☺

our little Director/Narrator

Charis insisted we don hats while viewing the royal wedding...
this was her choice.  

beautiful blooms

out the window while stuck in traffic.
not that I am that huge fan of condiments,
 but there is something comforting to me when I see the smoke billowing
from the place that ketchup "lives".

more bloom
and in PINK!

this is a favorite (yucky yucca) due to the fact
that R likes it and the only previous places
we've had it are South America and when we live in South Florida. ☺

sunshine packaged

at some point during the winter
we visit expedia (or one of those great discount finders)
and go on a one night vacation to a nearby hotel WITH pool.
it's all about the POOL.
(and jumping on the bed)
ssshhhh...don't tell.

(that stay up all night)
playing board games

In these days of big news, big pain, big world stuff ...I am teaching my mind to think on "what is good". Philippians4:8 What about you? what silly, happy, beautiful, thankful moments have you had?

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing all your pictures. They tell the story in themselves! {I'm a new follower}

  2. Great pictures! I love the first "beautiful blooms" picture, and the "sunshine packaged". Thanks for stopping by for Tell Us Something Good!

  3. Thanks for posting these! :D Some of the small things we find joy in.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't find your Tiny Talk post, but loved seeing these pictures. I love the idea of taking a weekend night in the winter and going to the hotel with a pool. That's a great winter idea.

  5. What a great way to preserve special family memories! Wish we could have see Hannah direct the play!!! Did Charis enjoy watching the wedding?

    Love you and praying for you, MOm