Saturday, July 23, 2011

wild "summer" berries

It is our "tradition".  To go for hot, sweaty, thorns in your feet, scratches on your arms,  "please Jesus, not poison-ivy", wild berry picking walks.  So what to do with "them" (black raspberries) ??? berry cobbler? mmm. However, 101 outdoor temperature calls for a kitchen oven strike. They say that it takes several exposures to a (new) idea before an individual is willing to consider, well take church for example.  In this case inspiration began to simmer when I read Amber's berries and broccoli post. Yummy.  Then I saw THIS.
(and it wasn't upside down).  Family Fun freezer jam.  It's not hard girls, and super good.  In fact, my family decided to use it as "dip" and were devouring it.  All we are missing is Great Grandma's fresh home-made bread.

and there is nothing, and I mean nothing quite as rewarding after a hot summer walk and the work of berry picking
that ends up with a refreshing glass of ice-cold water, a swim in the pool...or
a friendly little sister balloon battle ☺


  1. How fun :)...mmmm- can you send us some?!!!

  2. Freeze some berries and then make a yummy smoothy with plain or vanilla yogurt! Of course I make my own yogurt and have berries growing outside. hmm think I will go right now and make Dad and me a yummy smoothie! enjoy your berries!
    Wish we had some of your raspberries. We only have blackberries!

  3. What's the recipe for the freezer jam. I would love to try to make some.

  4. Annette - I love all your photos! And I agree wholeheartedy with you about picking berries! I find it so relaxing and rewarding. We just picked again last night. I'm planning on using these berries to make a tart or cobbler of some kind.

  5. here is a family fun freezer jam :)
    ...if you go to their site there are lots of variations. are you able to get pectin there? you can freeze it in any container as long as it is sterilized in boiling water. It has been so dry here, but I am hoping to have tomatoes to make freezer salsa again.

  6. The photos are great! Berries in any form, are lovely!!!

  7. So much beautiful nature, right there at your fingertips and footsteps!