Monday, August 1, 2011

ew EW looks like a cartoon

we've been counting those little ripening cherry tomatoes...
and when there were only TWO
with a whole lot of missing plant...
Charis's face when she saw THIS
tomato thief aka big fat HUGE (very amazing looking) green thing ☺.

This is one of the little "jonah's" of life
 that doesn't disrupt the counting of blessings, I thought.
Earlier I enjoyed the occasional splashes that come from floating
between elephant-spouting girls with noodles
in the blue Walmart pool .  
Clear, almost cloudless sky happiness turned fast to twenty second hail storm. 
The "ice" hit the water and sister yelled
"YOU are getting me WET". 
Yes, you ARE swimming in water...
AND I wanted to say all the words "there are children starving..."
I promised never to "be like" I thought them anyway. 
How many thirsty children's cups
could be filled from this chlorine treated water we swim in abundant...
How can we who have so much water 
starve in love and grace and thankfulness?  
Love does cover over a multitude of wrong ♥. 
Tender compassion drips 
and together (in the refreshing summer water)
we continue the humble learning
of what love and grace, forgiveness and thankfulness
with vision beyond thieving worms
 and generous laughter filled giving 
 looks like.


  1. Hey Gal! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm tickled at your post today. Speaking of water. Where I live, we've been in the worst drought since 1887. Needless to say no tomatoes, not garden at all. We have nothing but grasshoppers and annts jumping and milling about in our pasture, front and back yards. Even the ants are getting into our house trying to finds some cool temperature and water.

    Please do me (us) a favor and keep us in your prayers for rain. WE So NEED IT. I live in Comanche, Texas.

    God Bless,

  2. Aren't these the best moments with the kids? So simple yet so profound.

  3. As always, I enjoy and learn from reading your posts! Missed you on skype but probably it's because you are enjoying the water in the hot temperatures!