Thursday, September 22, 2011

☺all on a little bike ride

tiny little 
and they smile ☺
she rides down the road
(I smile)
smile ☺
turning to seed
and colors of Fall
clothed in purple
a little shy
it looks like a "fishie"!
(edited fishie ☺)
wild all the way to the table
they smile ☺!

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  1. Lots of smiling beauty there. How nice to bring some inside to keep you smiling too.

  2. Now that was fun!! Amazing all the beauty all around us.

  3. Oh! I miss my bike! It's been so long since I've ridden. Makes me want to get back out there though.

  4. You found so much beauty on your ride. I have never seen a flower that looks like a little fish and in your edit it looks like he's in water. So fun! Thanks for linking up today!

  5. Wow! Some great pics! That fishie flower is incredible! Where did you see these flowers?

  6. Amber, the little orange flowers my kids call "poppers" :), the fishie one just hadn't opened yet. our area is hilly so we mainly ride back and forth on the road below our house, so lots of time to see the little flowers :).

  7. It DOES look like a fish! How cool! Visiting from Deb's This or That Thursday. If you enjoy linkups, feel free to join me over at my blog for the Favorite Photo of the Week Contest