Thursday, October 13, 2011

then ♪ sings ♪ my soul...

October 7-8
view from our room on the 14th floor ☺

and then we swam...
and swam ☺

can you see the Console Energy Center through the window?!
and THEN discovered the steam sauna
and the dry cedar sauna...
so I told them how when I was little,
we would run from the steamy eucalyptus
sinus cleansing sauna
to the hot dry sauna
and into the ice cold swimming pool...
back into the steam
then the dry
and the free-e-eezing pool
(and lived to tell about it ☺)
so WHAT does this have to do with Women of Faith?
it's all about the details. (smile).
When we (first) called to reserve a room for the Imagine weekend
the first five or six hotels were completely booked
UNTIL we went through Women of Faith.
An incredible amount of planning and organization goes into an event like this...
and is noticed, appreciated and received with thanksgiving by us
when we found out that they had reserved blocks of rooms
at a conference group rate.
So H and dad hung out at the pool
while C and I waited for the hotel shuttle to take us
through the construction detour
to the conference.
we missed the shuttle
and made some new friends from Ohio
and West Virginia
along the way. ☺
As we sat
on the temporarily covered
ice floor
we laughed
about pink hoodie-footies
and putting on our "swag"
we were reminded to stand tall
confident in the LOVE of God
and who He made us to be...
and we rested
and relaxed
under the "umbrella"
of changing lights. 

Each of these "porch" ladies shared their God story
and we laughed
and cried
and our hearts were warmed
and reminded
that everyone has
Something hard. painful. difficult. fear. loss.
that in the hands of God
is turned beautiful
and useful.
where the Spirit of the Lord is
there IS
and joy
and hope
and peace
(and we forgot that there was ice under our feet
in that place where they play hockey)

I received tickets to this Women of Faith Conference for the purpose of review.
thank you. thank you. thank you.

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