Monday, February 6, 2012

another "favorite" holiday ♥

Thanks giving
(they say super-bowl food
competes with those)
but somehow,
February brings a peace and calm.
A reminder that

and giving is
joy ♥.
We celebrate Valentine's Day big...
and have not for years sent out Christmas cards
rather tradition this month
sister picture/heart cards ☺.
I sit on the floor (late after bedtime)
with this first Joy, now 10
learning to budget my picture "allowances" (she says, "not now, mom"). 
and we use a bent metal cookie cutter
to trace hearts on
December's cards.
I treasure these moments. 
Life is always changing, isn't it?!

Just for fun here's a little February give-away ☺.
Barbara Johnson's Humor Me :)
A hand warmer
cookie cutter (to celebrate the warm/rainy start of Feb!)
crochet heart "hot" pad and flower magnet
love bookmark

Comment as many times as you would like,
and tell me what you "enjoy"
You do not need to be a blogger to comment...(if not, the easiest way may be to comment as anonymous and leave your name so I can contact you if you win!)
I would love to hear from you!
this give away will go until 2/13
and I will contact the winner 2/14
along with the winner of this book ☺.
On 2/9 I will be giving away a copy of Mornings With Jesus.
congrats to comments 1 Lora, 4 Andean and Jen on fb :)


  1. love the heart warmer! Hannah

  2. Like the hand warmer! Can I sign up? ;)

  3. Love the great Valentine give aways!!! The heart hot pad looks like something my very creative oldest daughter would make! You have such creative ideas and am so glad you are passing them on to our beautiful grand daughters!!!

    I also enjoy teaching my first graders that Valentines is a time to remember how much God loves us. Then I encourage them to make valentines for their classroom neighbors and put them in our decorated Valentine verse box. "Love God with all your heart...mind...soul ...and love your neighbor as yourself- our class verse for February!

  4. I commented but now think it got lost in Cyber space! February is a great month to teach my first graders about God's love and how we should love our "neighbor"- Our valentine box is decorated with verses such as love the Lord your God with all your heart...mind...soul... and strength and your neighbor. The kids are having fun making valentines for their classroom "neighbors" with God loves you! on them.

    Love your Valentine give aways. Hmmm...the hot pad sure looks like something my very talented oldest daughter might have made and it sure would look good in my kitchen!!!

  5. I like the heart hot pad. We just made cards with little crocheted flowers- I need to learn how to make those b/c we used over 50 of them in one class!!

  6. Not sure if my last comment posted...but I love the heart hot pad...and the little crocheted flower- I need to learn to make those b/c we made cards with them at our last "class" and used more than 50 of them!!

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  8. Annette - So nice of you! Did you crochet the hot pad? I love to crochet. It's cute!

  9. Thank you for loving me! Loved catching up on your blog...its been TOO long! I love your sisters pictures tradition, I am hoping to get H & A done this month too! Love ya sista!