Monday, February 16, 2009

we pretended we were "tourists" :)

of course...with a house full of girls...we celebrate the "love" month BIG time :). I think it is appropriately so. God loved us first and his love filling our hearts makes it possible to love one another. Also a very good reminder that we should not love things and "use" people...rather, "use" things to show the love of God to people. The 14th is named after the man "Valentine" who was martyred for the gospel. Saturday was a cold day to be walking around in downtown Pittsburgh. The kind of day that has the occasional big fluffy snow falling (the type that doesn't melt when it lands on you :)...)
We stopped in...
this little store and...pretended we were visiting Tim and Michelle in Mexico :)...a flower shop soak up a few moments of beauty at this historic cathedral. Although a portrait of "saint" Patrick was on display, we were quick to find that the German "Mr." saint Valentine is not memorialized in this very Polish cathedral :).
Mental note: while the Spaghetti warehouse is a very fun place to eat...when they use the word "spicy" to describe something on the menu, they meant to insert a firehouse WARNing "you will cry the entire time you are eating it and your lips will burn forever after".

the theme on the streets...STILL black and gold!
and lots of festive "love" day flowers.

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  1. Looks like fun...wish it could have been a REAL visit...thanks for pretending :)...miss you!!!