Saturday, July 9, 2011

the corn was "knee high"

neighbor brings 
green gift
 of dill, chives
and basil
then we are
on our way...

and yes
the corn's height
seemed right
by this first
weekend in July

country roads
boast of
wild beauties

the sun lowers
it's shining face

and the ball burst in air
giving proof
that evening/night
they had certainly
pumped too much air
(all poetic humoring aside
 it truly did ☺)
the fire
the boys put on
a big
fire works

the end.


  1. Glad we were able to get back and see family good food, family and fun! Oh, and the bombs bursting in air I will surely not forget as the ball was bursting in my hands, LOL! Wow that was crazy! Also had a nice walk with you while you took pics(Speaking of bombs bursting in air :) Nice Post Annette

  2. Where did you take these pictures? You capture just interesting pictures!

  3. we went to R's sister's house