Saturday, July 16, 2011

little bit of this and that :)

first and foremost in importance...
the discover of birthday tiramisu cheesecake.
Yes. you heard it right.
The most elegantly
and wonderfully (nutritious ☺)
produce of the CF.
almost 2nd in importance
yellow blossoms
the soon arrival
of cherry tomatoes!
this little white flower/weed
in the
"desert" dried out grass...
been thinking about Samuel.
and his mom.
Even after being falsely accused
of intoxication
by a church leader whose lack of (something)
well, let's just say
not a whole lot of "integrity" was going on in the temple.
So Hannah drops her son off
to be raised in THAT environment?
hello...Hannah, the chances of your son becoming corrupted
in the "house" of God are pretty high...
silent. (me)
That must be faith.
Hannah's faith.
Samuel's faith.
Eyes on God. That's it.
Not distracted by the sin and evil going on around.
Jesus. strength?
to be the little white
that blooms on
right where it is planted.
my mother's day baby rose bush
coming back for a 2nd time
after the first
accidental weed whacking (is that a word?) :)
nope. not a baby bunny, but that soft!

and death...
are in His hands.
Life and death 101.
When a close family member has cancer
breathing is grieving...and sometimes
 life must have laughter
 mixed into the changing "normal"
that suffering does.

 last, but not least...
 probably my favorite next to the
is this little toddler sized
real working Walmart $15 special.
(of course it is not heavy duty)
but it IS pink 
light to carry 
and is
"fought" over by sisters
who impatiently wait for turn
so... house is one vac closer to
becoming clean. ☺ (laughing)


  1. that cheesecake sounds delicious. enjoyed your post. Been wondering how your week went.

  2. Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning :)